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We navigate the sea and the land. We connect the worlds of technology and people. We merge human insights and cutting-edge technology to design solutions that offer unparalleled customer experiences. We drive innovation to address our customer’s business needs in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. We are on an endless journey to bring the world closer by empowering it with next generation technology. And we always go the extra mile to become the most trusted partner of our customer’s digital transformation.
MOL Information Technology (MOL-IT) operates under MOL Information Systems (MOLIS), which is committed to help the MOL Group maintain its position as an excellent & resilient organisation that leads the world’s shipping industry.
MOL-IT provides technology-led business solutions to MOL group of companies in their continuous endeavour to seek ways to deliver high-quality services. At present, it is in process of expanding its breadth of software solutions for its existing customer base and diversify into different sectors outside MOL.
MOL-IT is recognized as the overseas associated business company for MOL group. (https://www.mol.co.jp/en/corporate/group/i-associated)

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